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An Authentic Tube Overdrive Experience

Where Your Guitar's True Voice Comes to Life

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Built to endure, ready
for any jam session

For all aficionados of tone, the AmpMojo Sol Drive pedal is here to deliver the timeless overdrive sounds reminiscent of classic D-style tube amps adored by blues and fusion icons like SRV, Robben Ford, and Larry Carlton. Fueled by the renowned Tung-Sol 12AX7 tube, this pedal captures the essence of vintage warmth and harmonic richness.

Unleash Your Sound with Sol Drive


Dial in your desired level of tube gain, from subtle warmth to creamy overdrive while still letting your guitar's voice shine through with every strum, whether delicate or dynamic.

tone 🎧

Fine-tune your sound with precision. This knob refines the brightness and depth of your tone, ensuring clarity and richness whether you're playing lead or rhythm.

Voice 🎤

Shapes the character of your overdrive from classic American warmth to British edge and everything in between. The voice control allows you to sculpt your tone to perfectly compliment your guitar and amplifier, ensuring each riff makes a statement.

level 🎵

Take charge of your volume. This control ensures your enhanced tone is just right, whether you're practicing at home or performing live for an audience.

The Heart of
Your Guitar

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See the Sol
Drive in Action

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THRUSTED by Professionals
head their stories

“This pedal truly is a masterpiece because it is a standalone pedal with its own voice, its own identity.”

- Johnny Highland


“I’ve used the AmpMojo Sol Drive through different amps and in many different configurations on my pedal board, and it always shines through and adds character to my tone. I love taking the time to use the Voice and Tone knobs to dial the pedal into what the situation calls for, and the pedal’s versatility and warmth always deliver for me.”

- Graham Lesh


“I’ve used the Sol Drive live with Midnight North to give my bass guitar just a touch of tube overdrive - reminiscent of that Motown finger style sound through an old tube amp. A+”

- Connor O'Sullivan

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"It is one of the most prolific pedals that I have played." 

 - Jack Ryan Sullivan

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