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AmpMojo was formed by Brian Shira and Dan Shugar out of friendship and a passion for great guitar tones. The main focus of this newly established company is to create authentic analog circuits with modern designs. Our pedals are user-friendly, incorporate high quality components, and are built with tour grade construction to ensure maximum durability.
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Our premier product, the Sol Drive, is a medium gain, responsive tube overdrive pedal. It uses a dual triode pre-amp tube to bring a rich harmonic texture to your tone that only a real tube can. Juice the tone!

Manufactured in USA


“I’ve used the AmpMojo Sol Drive through different amps and in many different configurations on my pedal board, and it always shines through and adds character to my tone. I love taking the time to use the Voice and Tone knobs to dial the pedal into what the situation calls for, and the pedal’s versatility and warmth always deliver for me.”


(Midnight North, Phil Lesh and Friends)

“I’ve used the Sol Drive live with Midnight North to give my bass guitar just a touch of tube overdrive - reminiscent of that Motown finger style sound through an old tube amp. A+”

(Midnight North, Unicorn Heads)

"It is one of the most prolific 
pedals that I have played" 

“This pedal truly is a masterpiece because it is a standalone pedal with its own voice, its own identity”


"Going through my Silverface Deluxe Reverb, it instantly became addictive"


Johnny demos a custom made
Sol Drive with an integrated boost

Jack Ryan

Jack does a great demo and currently utilizes two Sol Drives on his board. By "stacking" one Sol Drive into the other Jack gets a highly saturated tube tone! 



The Sol Drive pedal is truly a remarkable piece of gear, with a unique tonal character that sets it apart from other overdrive pedals. It was inspired by the classic "D" tube amplifiers of the '70s and '80s, which were known for their warm, dynamic overdrive, and the Sol Drive manages to capture that essence in a pedal format.

One of the standout features of the Sol Drive is its use of a Tung-Sol 12AX7 pre-amp tube, which adds a level of harmonic complexity to the pedal's sound that is difficult to achieve through solid-state circuits. This tube is installed in a Belton socket mounted on brass standoffs, which ensures that it is securely and reliably in place. Moreover, this pedal is designed to accommodate other pre-amp tubes such as 7025, 12AT7, 5751 or similar. This pedal is all about versatility, so you can dial in just the right sound for you.

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  • Gain – Adjusts the amount of gain in the pedal. Counterclockwise for cleaner settings. The overall gain is also limited by the Voice knob. For the maximum gain setting, rotate both Gain and Voice knobs fully clockwise.

  • Voice – Helps to shape the tonality of the pedal to match your guitar and amplifier.
    It assists with controlling the low-end and total amount of gain in the pedal. To add low-end (and decrease gain), rotate counterclockwise. To reduce the bottom-end, bump mids, and increase gain, rotate clockwise.

  • Tone – Attenuates the high frequencies.

  • Level – Adjusts the overall volume of the Pedal.



  • The Sol Drive operates on 9-Volts with 200 Milliamps minimum. The Sol Drive does not operate with a battery. Most pedalboard power supplies will work excellent. Do NOT use a higher voltage than 9V!

  • Circuit Status LED is On when activated.


Hardware Features

  • Genuine Tung-Sol 12AX7 Reissue Tube housed securely in an amplifier tube socket

  • Premium No-Click Foot Switch with relay circuit for True Bypass

  • Top Mounted Neutrik 1/4" Input/Output Jacks

  • Top Mounted DC Jack

  • Highest Quality Electronic Components

The Sol Drive is a true-bypass pedal.

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